Top 4 best heavy duty sewing machine in 2017

Many people even some top reviews have a misunderstanding on heavy duty sewing machine.They consider any machines that can sew through several layers of thick fabirc like denim or jean can call a heavy duty sewing machine.Actually,there are more than that.Many home used sewing machines with a metal frame and metal gears  can sew through 1/4 of an inch of fabric or more,but that doesn’t mean they can finish your sewing project flawlessly.Every machine has a range of working ability,some may sew one or two seams on heavy fabric,but they will wear and tear unnormally when used on a series of heavy duty projects.Most importantly,a real heavy duty sewing machine can feed the fabric smoothly and produce even stitches when there is thickness change.Some machines which can sew through a 4-layers-jeans sample will still get jam when sewing through the multi-layer side seam.

Do you really need a heavy duty sewing machine?

Not every experienced seamstress has a heavy duty sewing machine.You need to do the right thing with the right tool and choose a machine according to your range of sewing skill.Every sewing machine has a range of working ability.Some heavy duty machines may have a problem when sewing thin fabric,you may need to attach a piece of paper on the fabric to stop it from wrinkling.If you are sewing occasional piece of tough fabric or you want a more durable machine for a long term investment,you don’t need something that’s specifically heavy duty,just buy one that comes with a metal frame,you can find several models in my comparison table for another post.

If you are running a series of big sewing projects or even a business,a smell of burnt plastic coming from your regular machine is concerning you,it’s necessary to invest on something tough and rugged.

What make a heavy duty model different?

A machine that can handle heavy duty projects is designed to be tough and ragged,it may not as functional as regular ones but it’s more durable.It will not wear down easily even with less maintenance and long term of heavy duty running.In a word,it’s a workhorse.There are some common features a heavy duty machine may have:

Weight: Iron or aluminum casting frame and gears instead of plastic make a the machine weight at about 10 to 20 pounds,some may even heavier.It’s not portable but on the other hand,it will not move around the table when you sew on thick fabric.

A strong motor:A powerful moter makes sure you can sew through thick fabric without struggling or burnt down.

Leveling button:A tiny button on the presser foot to lift the frontage of the foot to climb over thickness change of the fabric.

Extra presser foot lift:To create enough space for multi-layer fabric  to fit under the presser foot.

Presser foot pressure adjustable:When sewing thicker fabric you need to increase the pressure added on the fabric by the presser foot,when sewing thinner fabric,you need to decrease the pressure.

What does our reviews have to say?

Even a machine has all the perfect specifications for a heavy duty purpose,we still don’t know whether it’s the right one.It’s hard to make up a decision on data because there are so many machines match our requires.What we really care about is their performance when sewing heavy projects.So this time I have sorted out 4 heavy duty models that are getting fantastic reviews instead of a comparison table of a bulk of models.

Model NamePriceMetal FramePresser Foot Pressure ControlBuilt in StitchesWeight
Janome HD3000429YY1823.6
Singer 4423176.07YY2314.5
Janome HD1000329YN1516.8
Singer 4411106.3yY1114.5

NO.1  Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine With 18 Built-In stitches

janome hd3000 heavy duty sewing machine

18 built-in stitches with  Aluminum body construction,Free Arm to sew sleeves,Drop Feed when free embroidering,built-in needle threader,presser foot pressure adjustment…With an extra high presser foot left,Janome HD3000 has won rave reviews as a heavy-duty machine.

Janome HD3000 has a large range of working ability that it’s more than a heavy duty machine,with a little adjustment in tension and needle change,it can sew through 10 layers of jean fabric as well as 2 layers of lace.With a stronger motor than regular machines,Janome HD3000 is a dream machine for heavy-duty projects,it works smoothly and is very easy to use.Stitch lenght and width adjustment are showed conveniently on the front of the machine,and the storage cover on the top of the machine gives you a visual sewing guide reference about which foot to use with which stitch.

Janome HD 3000 doesn’t have a lot of fancy stitches,and it’s a bit louder than a regular machine,but it has everything you need as a heavy-duty machine.Other features include:

  • 6.5mm stitch width
  • Max stitch lenght:4mm
  • 1 step button hole
  • built-in sewing light


NO.2 SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine with Metal Frame and Stainless Steel Bedplate

singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine

If you are on a budget,Singer 4423 is your best choice.With 23 built-in stitches,an interior metal frame,a 60 percent stronger motor that can sew at a speed of 1100 stitches per minute.Singer 4423 is no doubt a workhorse.

As to its performance on heavy-duty projects,Singer 4423 is a little weak than Janome HD3000.But I am sure you can accept that when you taking the price into consideation.Singer can sew up to 3 layers of denim or 2 layers of upholstery vinyl with no problem,it may struggle on heavier fabric or even cause a damage.It’s not a super fancy machine with a million functions,but it’s a well-made,basic machine that does every thing a basic sewer needs and does it well.It’s definitely a nice enough home-used heavy-duty machine.

Other features include:

  • Automatic needle threader
  • Stainless steel bed plate
  • Fully automatic 1 step button hole
  • Easy-to-load top drop-in bobbin with clear cover

NO.3 Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine With 14 Built-In stitches

janome hd1000 heavy duty sewing machine

The Janome HD1000 has little difference with Janome HD3000 , it’s 4 stitches less than HD3000, it has no presser foot pressure control,it’s lighter than HD3000.Unlike HD3000,the HD1000 has the front loading bobbin which is put in a metal bobbin case before sewing,that means no “jam free” guarantee,but it doesn’t seem to be a problem in HD1000.Other than that,Janome 1000 is a good heavy-duty machine as well as Janome HD3000.


NO.4 Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine with Metal Frame and Stainless Steel Bedplate

singer 4411 heavy duty sewing machine

Singer 4411 features less built-in stitches options than Singer 4423 and it will save you about $70.It’s a basic heavy-duty machine with a powerful motor that can sew at a speed of 1100 stitches per minute.You can consider it as a simple version of Singer 4423.

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