singer sewing machine for beginner

Singer sewing machine models for beginners

There are many types of sewing machines a beginner can choose for themselves and I can tell you from first hand experience what to look for in shopping for sewing machines. I have now been sewing for over twenty years and purchased three Singer models for myself and I am ready now for the computerized model of the Singer.

I highly recommend Singer because that is the machine that was common from my grandmothers’ growing up days back in the 1920’s when most women sewed their own clothes and the schools had home economics classes. The schools now did away with home economic classes when it should be something the boys should take as well being a change that our millennials are postponing marriages or preferring to stay single thus more men are now cooking their own meals and sewing their own buttons and hemming their own clothes. The original tailors and chefs were men in ancient times when one reads the history of garment making and meal preparation.

I am very fortunate that being from the baby boomer generation thus growing up as a teenager/high school girl in the 1970’s, I had the advantage of taking home economics in Junior High School and High School which gave me an opportunity to learn how to make skirts and do home crafts/cooking in class three times a week. I was also a girl scout growing up and there was a sewing badge to earn in which we could make small crafts on a sewing machine. My mother learned sewing not only from her mother but in her home economics class and as soon as she married my father, she requested my father to buy her a Singer Model which was back in 1960. Prior to that in 1959, when she married my father, she was sewing on her mother-in-law’s (my grandmother’s) Singer machine which would now be an antique because it had the manual handle instead of electric. My own mother sewed on those types of machines growing up until I was born and she bought her first electric Singer model which is from 1960.

For beginner sewers I highly recommend the Singer which has the simple stitches to learn as well as buttonhole stitches because there is no reason for beginners to have the decorative stitch features until they master the machine sewing techniques. My first Singer model is like that which had the basic stitches including buttonhole. My second machine which is also a Singer is just a little more elaborate where I can darn on it and do some embroidery but it is not computerized. The 21st. Century computerized sewing machines are very pricey.

My mother in law will swear by the Viking sewing machines which has a lot of features but in my opinion, those machines are pricey and beginners don’t need all the features and there is no need for beginners to spend so much on their first sewing machine just in case they decide that sewing garments and crafts is not for them.

I would not exactly recommend a Sears Kenmore sewing machine unless someone does not have a genuine interest in possible sewing hobby future. If it is just for hemming and repairs, then I would state that to save money, to learn on the Sears Kenmore. For possible professional designer type sewing, I would recommend the Viking sewing machine or Industrial Sewing machines which one can work in alteration shops or even Bridal stores. I never had the opportunity to sew a wedding gown but the upcoming Silver Anniversary I have coming up, I plan to sew an anniversary dress out of an Indian Saree which I will enjoy.

Other types of sewing machines can be used for quilting which made a revival back in the 1990’s. Those require patchwork and embroidery work on crazy quilts which can use the machines. Many people now quilt not only using the sewing machine for sewing patches together but for assembling the quilt together. The singer latest models would be great for that although they would not have to be computerized.

There are also people who make stuffed teddy bears, dolls, and other types of dolls clothes for hobbies and for that, simple sewing machine such as the Brother sewing machines which are sold at Sears and Walmart come in handy.

I love to do all types of sewing on my machine. I own a 1995 Singer model which I can do some embroidery. I also own a 2000 Singer model that has more features. My older Singer I can use for quilting and patchwork and my newer model I can use for sewing garments. I would love to invest in embroidery software which has been released in the recent years but it is very pricey.

I can also use to older or new Singer model for sewing crafts like Barbie clothes or stuffed Teddy Bears. I have sewn a couple Teddy Bears in my lifetime. I plan to sew a Tweety Bird from a kit. Sewing on a machine for everyone including men is a great stress relief and good talent to make people dress in the finest clothes. It is a very worthwhile hobby to peruse.

My late father in law used to sew a little bit on his wife’s Viking because she taught him how to hem and do the basics on her machine and they both owned and ran a sewing shop in the late 1970’s and they had all the sons including my husband to be cut fabric and run the cash registers. They only carried the Viking sewing machines in the shop as well as notions and fabrics and supplies.

The Singer stores all carry strictly machines and sewing machine accessories and for repairs and scissor sharpening, customers can take their machines for repairs. They do not sell notions and fabrics as there are JoAnne’s and Walmarts who carry that type of materials. Singer and JoAnne’s also offer beginner sewing classes at a very nominal fees and so do community college centers and adult continuing education. It is much cheaper to sew your own garments and do your own alterations and hemming versus paying a professional.

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