Kids sewing project step by step-Tissue Box

Today I will introduce you a very easy to follow sewing project with a step by step tutorial:A fabric tissue box.First let’s see what does it look like when it was done.

kids sewing project tissue box

Does it look gorgeous?It only take you a few easy sewing work,perfect for your kids or other beginners.Image that when your kids can sew something useful with their own hands,they must be highly encouraged.That’s a good start for a sewer.

Now let’s go straight to our project.

STEP 1:Prepare your tools and materials before we get start:

kids sewing project tissue box

In the picture up there,we have:

  • A sewing machine.
  • A piece of linen that has been ironed.
  • A spool of thread.
  • A bag of tissue.
  • A pencil.
  • A straight edge.
  • A tapemeasure.
  • Scissors.
  • Several pins.

STEP 2:Measure the size of your tissue and calculate the dimentions of your fabric.

kids sewing project tissue box

Measure the length,width and height of your tissue,the size of the fabric should be calculated like this:

Fabric length=2*W+2*H+1.2 inch seam allowance

Fabric width=L+2*H+0.8 inch seam allowance

For example,my bag of tissue is 5.5 inch length,4.3 inch width and 2.8 inch height, so I need to cut out a piece of linen with 2*4.3+2*2.8+1.2=15.4 inch length and 5.5+2*2.8+0.8=11.9 inch width.

Draw out a rectangle with 15.4 inch length and 11.9 inch width on the back of the linen with a pencil and cut it out.Be sure to cut the edge in a straight line.

kids sewing project tissue box

STEP 3:Fold up the edge and fix it with pins.

kids sewing project tissue box

Fold up two short edges with 0.6 inch seam allowance for each edge,and fix it with pins.Then fold up two long edges with 0.4 inch seam allowance for each edge and fix with pins too.Remember to overlap the four corners.

kids sewing project tissue box

Fold up two short edges toward the center like the picture showed up there,fix it with pins.

STEP 4: Sew the edge

kids sewing project tissue box

1.Sew a straight line on the short edge with an allowance of 0.2 inch.


kids sewing project tissue box

2.Sew another straight line on the same short edge with an allowance of 0.3 inch.

kids sewing project tissue box

3.Sew a 1.6 inch long decorative stitch with an allowance of 1 inch.

kids sewing project tissue box

4.Repeat 1. 2. 3. on the other short edge.

Tips:You don’t need to remove the pins when you are sewing,just slow down when the pins are going through the feed dog,then the needle will not sew on the pins.


kids sewing project tissue box

With a few steps you can make yourself a unique and useful fabric tissue box.This can be a great first sewing project for kids.They can learn and practise from this project about straight line stitch and decorative stitch,they now know how to measure and cut fabric,and to fix the seam allowance with pins.Most importantly, they can make something that make sense to the adult world with their hands,that’s gonna be a great encouragement to what they are doing.

If you are following this project to make your own tissue box,we would like you to share the picture of your works and your experience here.Please leave a comment or sent me an email,I may post a collection of works done by readers on this blog,then we can learn from eachother.

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