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Best Sewing Machine For Beginners-My Top Pick 10 Models

If you’ve been sewing for some time, you know this can be highly engaging and productive venture. When I started sewing 10 years ago, I made it a point to invest in a durable, versatile machine. Sewing machine models include mechanized, intermediate and computerized machines. One thing that is so glaring about the various choices is the number of features. There are many medium weight sewing machines out there that are suitable for sewing curtains and cushion fabric and heavy duty sewing machines that are preferred for upholstery.


In spite of the high price, computerized sewing machines come with increased functionality, a feat that allows the user to undertake different types of professional projects. Mechanical sewing machines, on the other hand, are highly ideal for learners who want to start from the bottom up because the controls are all done by hand. The benefits of mechanical sewing machine include low cost and their suitability in performing basic stitching and mending work. From my personal experience, some of the considerations to look for when buying a sewing machine include:


  • Sewing machine capability on tough materials
  • Accuracy of completed buttonhole
  • Most frequently used features
  • Ease of changing the presser foot and the needle.
  • Ease of applying various skill levels
  • Types of projects that can be completed
  • Cost of the machine

Below is my list of 10 best computerized and mechanical sewing machines for beginners:

Model NameBuilt in StitchStitches Per MinuteAuto-Needle Threader
Brother CS6000I60850Y13lbs
Brother CS5055PRW

Singer 4423231100Y14lbs
Janome 221212860N16lbs
Singer 225919750N14lbs
Brother XL2600125800Y11lbs
Janome HD300018860Y19lbs
Brother ES200040850Y11lbs
Brother LS2125i10900N13lbs
Brother XL261025800Y11lbs

Description and review of the above sewing machines:

Brother CS6000I


This is one of the most popular and competitively priced sewing machines for beginners. The machine comes with an array of features designed to make the sewing process comforting. A user can navigate through the various functions, including the stitching design by pushing the touchpad and reading the LCD display. The Start/Stop button is used to exert control and adjust the stitching speed. The other outstanding features include the automated needle threaded and lighting system.


Brother CS5055PRW


This highly versatile sewing machine is ideal for quilting and general sewing. It features an easy to use automatic needle threader, bright night light and 50 built-in stitches including the popular; utility, heirloom, handy and decorative stitches. The machine can be used on different types of fabric, including fleece, elastic, spandex and materials. Brother CS5055PRW is modestly priced at between $150 to $250.


Singer 4423


This heavy duty mechanical sewing machine is preferred by many people doing small business because of its quality and enticing commercial-grade features. The machine can make up to 1,000 stitches per minute, which is critical if you are conscious about speed. The other outstanding feature is access 23 built-in stitches, including the automatic 4-step buttonhole, stretch, essential and decorative stitches. The machine sells for between $100 to $250.


Janome 2212


Janome 2212 is one of the handiest sewing machines in the market today. The mechanical features built into the machine are easy to navigate and apply a fact that makes it highly suitable for beginners. The machine is competitively prices at between $100 and $150, which is another big plus. It is also lightweight and highly portable. The machine can be used for delicate sewing projects such as sleeve, hemming and cuffs.


Singer 2259


This powerful traditional sewing machine is built to make sewing sessions efficient. The machine costs between $100 and $150, which makes it a good choice if you have a tight budget. Although the machine does not come with oversized plate that is suitable for quilting, it can still work on large fabrics. The machine features carrying case and 19 stitch designs which can be used for basic to complex sewing projects.


Brother XL26001


Beginners will love the well-articulated features on this machine such as the handy dial knob, which can be used to choose any of the 25 stitches available. The other features include automatic needle threader, and jam resistant drop-in bobbin designed to prevent snags and save time. The machine cost less than $100 and comes with a storage box with various accessories including spare needles, presser feet and multi-lingual user manual.


Janome HD3000


This sewing machine is specifically suitable for undertaking heavy duty projects involving various types of fabric. Some of the most outstanding, easy to navigate features include built in stitches, adjustable tension, buttonholes and drop feed. The other features include hard shell cover, aluminum casing and dim lighting system. The machine is highly durable and can last a lifetime if it receives good care.


Brother ES2000


This sewing machine is slightly more expensive compared to other computerized machines for beginners. It has the ability to stitch 40 different designs and features a user-friendly touch screen and tension control. The other remarkable features include a powerful motor with the ability to make 850 stitches a minute. This machine is highly ideal for undertaking various projects, including quilting. It costs between $150 and $300.


Brother LS2125i


Brother LS2125i is one of the most affordable mechanical sewing machines in the market. It costs less than $100, and doesn’t compromise quality thanks to an array of built-in attractive features. The features include 4-step auto buttonhole, speed of 900 stitches per minute, easy bobbin winding and 10 stitch designs. The machine is also portable as it features a hard shell carrying case with handle.


Brother XL2610


This inexpensive starter machine comes with a plethora of convenient and easy to use features. These include 60 stitch functions, built in thread cutter, automatic thread tension and automatic needle threader. The other rewarding features include a drop in bobbin system and bobbin winding system. The machine is ideal for complex tailoring projects like quilting.

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