Best cheap sewing machine for beginners in 2017

It’s always a good point to start your hobby with entry-level gears.As to sewing, a cheap sewing machine is simple and easy to start,you can sewing with confidence without worring you will break your precious machine while making mistakes.A less expensive machine means it has function limited,sometimes it’s less quality.Today I will give you a comparison table of several cheap sewing machine for beginners,all the machines I have showed in the table are the most populars on Amazon,with enough functions and quality for beginners.


Model NamePriceWeight
Free ArmButton HoleBuilt in StitchesBuilt in LightAutomatic ThreaderDrop Feed DogReverse Sewing
Michley LSS20220.991.46NN1YNNN
NEX Sewing Machine456.1YY12YNNY
Michley LSS-505 42.98*5.4YN8YNNY
Janome Sew Mini 595NN4NNNY
Janome Fastlane69.995YN10NNNY
SINGER Pixie-Plus69.995YN8YNNY

Michley LSS202

Michley LSS202 cheap sewing machine

I have mentioned this model in my previous post Best Kids Sewing Machine-What Features You Need To Consider and A comparison table of the most popular small sewing machine(HAITRAL Sewing machine Mini). Model Michley LSS202 and HAITRAL Sewing machine Mini are the same model label with different brands.This model can do some basic sewing projects only on thin fabric.It’s light weight and simple to use,you can get start easily.If you have issues of using this machine,try to do some trouble shooting and it will get you bacome familiar with a sewing machine quickly due to its simple design.

It does have function limited,but I guess it’s no big deal for a beginner.It can only sew a straight line stitch,and has no reverse sewing function.It can’t sew a button hole and it does not have a free arm.More over,it’s always move around when you are sewing because it’s light weight.In a word, it’s a very basic machine that’s designed for basic sewing projects.As you can wish,this model can run under 4 AA batteries so it’s not a heavy duty machine,don’t bother yourself to expect  too much on this machine.


NEX Sewing Machine

NEX Sewing Machine cheap sewing machine

This model is much more expensive than Michley LSS202 but it’s also much more functional.I am sure you will agree it worth this price when you go through the comparison table up there.It has reverse sewing function, 12 built-in stitches,a four-step buttonhole,free arm and a built-in sewing light.It’s no doubt a fully function sewing machine.There are more conveient functions you can expect from this model,such as a built-in measuring tape, a built-in thread cutter and a built-in carry handle.

NEX Sewing Machine cheap sewing machine

NEX Sewing Machine is a multifunction sewing machine,it’s stable and operate in low noise,but it’s not a heavy duty machine.Although the manufacturer of this machine claims that it can sew 6 layers of thin denim, it’s not a good idea sewing heavy duty projects with this machine.The motor of this model is not powerful enough to sew through thick fabric,it can run with 4 AA batteries so the power it can provide is no more that these batteries.

Michley LSS-505

Michley LSS-505 cheap sewing machine

Michley LSS-505 has 8 built-in stitches,a free arm to sew sleeves,a built-in LED sewing light…It’s a multi purpose sewing machine designed for basic sewing projects and there is no doubt it’s a great machine for this price.This machine runs well when sewing basic fabric and mending,even hemming jeans wouldn’t be a problem.Although it’s light weight design,it wouldn’t vibrate and move around while sewing,and the motor sounds pretty strong.

Again, I would suggest you to refrain from heavy fabric projects.Michley LSS-505 does not run on batteries and comes with an 6V AC adaptor,that doesn’t change the fact that the capacity of the motor is small.


Janome Merlot Sew Mini Sewing Machine

Janome Merlot Sew Mini Sewing Machine cheap sewing machine


As Janome claims that Janome Merlot Sew Mini Sewing Machine is the only real sewing machine in its price range,it’s the most economical sewing machine model of Janome company.It’s small and light weight designed but it is made in the same factory as Janome’s larger machines.

It’s a lot more inexpensive than other Janome’s machines,and it has limit on functions.Janome Sew Mini has 4 built-in stitches,no free arm,no button hole,it was built to do some basic sewing projects and mending.You can’t expect more for a well-know brand in this price range.


Janome Fastlane

Janome Fastlane cheap sewing machine

Another Janome’s machine that cost you less than $100.Janome Fastlane has 10 built-in stitches,a free arm to sew sleeves…It’s a basic sewing machine that offers almost everything a beginner needs to learn to sew.This model is a kids targeted machine,it has a clear plastic “finger guard” presser foot to pretect kids not to sew on their fingers.And it has as many as 11 colors for your choise.

It’s portable and cute,but it’s not a toy machine.It’s a fully function sewing machine suit for both beginners and experienced sewers.It can sew on basic fabric even lightweight denim,it performs well in mending,crafting,seaming,applique,quilting piecing…In a word,it’s a basic sewing machine with basic sewing functions that come from a well know brand.

Singer Pixie-Plus

Singer Pixie-Plus cheap sewing machine

Pixie-Plus is one of the most economical modes produces by Singer.Also,it’s a very basic sewing machine with free arm and 8 built-in stitches.This model can run on 4 AA batteries or an AC adaptor,it’s designed for small crafts and quick mending,you won’t be disappointed if you refrain it from heavy duty sewing.

As a beginners designed sewing machine,Singer Pixie-Plus is simple to learn and portable,and it maybe a little loud when running due to its plastic gear.Anyway,you can’t expect too high for a $70 machine.

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