About Me

Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by.

 Recently I came up with an idea of buying a new sewing machine for my little niece, I did a lot of in-depth research on how to choose a right one, including read reviews, read the companies descriptions of sewing machines, jump into several forums and consulting some seamstresses. I learned a lot about sewing machines in this process but I didn’t get it all in one place, it took me some time to gather this information together. I wished there is a convenient way to learn all of these, so I decided to do it myself – to build this website to share basic information about sewing and sewing machines. People in the same situation with me can save their time searching around before they make up a decision.

To make this website as helpful as possible, I will consistently add on some useful contents including reviews of the most popular models, comparison tables of different models, some basic sewing knowledge, some great easy to follow sewing projects… I will also update any incorrectness consistently. If you found any mistakes on my website please leave me a comment or sent me an email so we can learn together, and people on this website can learn from your feedback.

I hope this website can provide some useful information to help people out, if you have any questions or you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment, I am always glad I can help.