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8 Fun Easy Sewing Projects For Kids Making Sewing So Easy

Learning to sew doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be a fun way to make your creations with easy sewing projects for kids.The first little project to help teach the basics of sewing is a pattern that helping a kid to learn to sew following lines.Many things need to be remembered when a kid is learning to use a sewing machine. Always remember to keep all fingers away from the needle, it is a powerful machine that will stab a finger, and no one wants that to happen.

Easy practice trick before starting any project.

This is an exercise to help with the task of learning to sew along the line.

Draw a bunch of lines on a piece of paper, straight lines, curved lines, and jagged lines. This practice may seem silly, but it helps in teaching a kid how the pressure foot works. In this exercise there is no need to use any material, just place the paper pattern under the presser foot of the sewing machine and sew along the different lines. This helps to learn how to turn the fabric when sewing corners as well as learning to sew in a straight line.

Begin with the straight lines, learning the speed of the foot with the pressure of your foot on the pedal. Move on to the curved lines that allow learning to move the fabric as the presser foot moves along the pattern.End this project with the jagged lines that will help to teach turning the fabric at sharper angles.Once, this project is accomplished it is time to move onto making something.

Tip:Remember not rush the sewing machine. Learning to move the fabric with the motion of the machine is something that needs to be practiced.

Project 1 Sachets made simple.

One of the many fun and easy sewing projects for kids to help beginners practice their sewing skills.

Materials needed:
  • Fabric, preferably cotton.
  • Pinking shearsDried Lavender (Moth repellent and it smells good too)
  • Thread matching the fabric

1.Cut out 5-inch squares of fabric with pinking shears.

2.Place two of the squares together and pin edges, remember to leave an opening about 1 1/2 inches wide for stuffing with lavender.

3.Sew the squares with a 1/2 inch seam allowance along the edges, making a square corner.

4.Backstitch the first and last stitch for securing the thread.

5.Fill the inside of the little pouch with the lavender and sew across the opening to secure the opening closed.

Now you have a sweet smelling little treat to place inside your dresser drawers that will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

easy sewing project for kids

Project 2 Fun, easy Keychain with handy chapstick holder.

Materials needed:
  • A scrap of fabric, make it a fun piece.
  • Keychain ring

1.Cut the fabric (you only need one piece) in about a 3 1/2 inch wide by 9-inch long strip.

2.Fold the fabric, right sides together, and sew up the long side.

easy sewing project for kids

3.Once, you have sewn the fabric together turn it right side out and press it flat (remember to place the seam on one side).

4.Hem one end of the fabric, by folding over 1/2 inch and ironing it flat, next fold the ironed end another 1/2 and pin together. Sew the folded edge to secure the fabric.

easy sewing project for kids

5.Turn your project over and hem the opposite end of the material.

6.Fold one end so that there are only a couple of inches left that is unfolded. Sew up the sides of the material, so that you are securing the folded pouch. Thread your key ring through the top hem of the pouch.

Now you have a handy place to keep your chapstick right along with your keys. This makes a fun and easy gift for someone.

easy sewing project for kids

Project 3 Easy sewing projects for kids, bracelets.

Materials needed:
  • Thread to match the color of your fabric.
  • Scraps of your favorite material, make them out of fun colors and patterns to share with all your friends.
  • Embroidery thread in matching colors

1.Cut the fabric in 2 inches by 7 1/2 inches long (depending on the size of the wrist you are fitting, this length may need to be longer or even a little shorter).

easy sewing project for kids

2.Press the edges of the fabric about 1/4 inch on each side and fold in half.

easy sewing project for kids

3.Twist and braid three strands of the embroidery thread together in two separate 6-inch pieces. Tie a knot in one end of each section. Place an inch of the embroidery thread braids (without the knot) inside the end of the folded fabric.
4.Sew along all four of the edges of the folded fabric. (Be sure that your embroidery braids are fastened one on each end).

easy sewing project for kids

Make a few and share them with friends.

easy sewing project for kids

Project 4 Simple, easy, quick Popsicle holder

Materials needed:
  • Scraps of fabric.
  • Thread to match fabric.

One of the fastest, easiest things to sew can be a simple sleeve to hold a cold popsicle or freezer pop.Make them in a variety of colors and patterns to share all summer long. You will be the toast of the neighborhood as you save all the little hands from the cold of the freezer pop.
1.Cut strips 2 inches wide by 8 inches long; the size can vary with the size of freezer pops or even frozen yogurt. You may have to adjust the width to your needs.
2.Cut the edges with pinking shears to keep them from fraying and removing the need to hem.

3.Fold the strips together with right sides out. Sew up the sides leaving the top edge open to form a pouch.

Simple, easy and a fun project. Now enjoy the icy cold flavors without freezing your hands.

easy sewing project for kids

Project 5 Easy Simple Headband

Material needed:
  • 5-inch by 44-inch size fabric
  • Thread to match

1.Fold fabric long ways (wrong side out) and sew the length together.

easy sewing project for kids

Tip:Place a safety pin on one end of the fabric tube. This will help when turning it right side out.
2.Turn the tube right side out and iron it flat. Let the seam set to one side.Tuck the ends of the tube and sew them shut.

easy sewing project for kids

3.Finish by placing around the head and tie the ends tight.

Simple, easy and fun way to tie your hair back. Make them in all different fabrics to match every day of the week.

easy sewing project for kids

Project 6 Potholders made simple.

Materials needed:
  • Fabric (whatever will make the kitchen or anything you want to use)
  • Thread to match
  • Pieces of quilt batting

1.Cut out two squares of fabric and three squares of batting in 10 by 10-inch sizes. The batting may need to thicker deepening on its thickness.
2.Cut a 2 1/2 by 10-inch strip of the fabric to make the handle of your potholder.Fold your strip of fabric longwise and sew the long edges (Right sides together). Turn the tube right side out and iron it flat.Place your squares of batting to the wrong side of one fabric square. Attach the strap to the right side of the square with the batting. Next, place the remaining fabric square with right sides together. The strap will be inside.
3.Pin the bunch of fabrics together, leave a 3-inch hole for turning your potholder.

4.Sew the edges with a 1/2 inch seam. Remember, watch for the gap so you can turn your project.When sewing the sides, you can sew right off the edges and start each side separately.Once, each side has been sewn, turn the material right side out. Press flat, making sure the gap is ironed flat with seams.Sew the edge of the potholder with a topstitch all the way around the edges; this will close the gap and give you a nice finished product.
Tip:Use a pointed knitting needle to get the corners turned out easier.

Project 7 Reversible Scarf

Materials Needed:
  • Wool-blend or lightweight wool fabric
  • Lightweight cotton fabric
  • Thread to match

1.Measure the length of scarf desired, depending on adult or child sizes this size may vary.

2.Cut your fabrics, both the wool and cotton in this length.

3.Place the two fabrics together right side in. Pin the pieces together, remember to leave a 3-inch gap on one of the long sides to allow you to turn the fabric.

4.Sew the sides closed beginning at one side of the opening. Do not forget to backstitch the first and last stitch to secure your threads.

5.Make sharp turns on the corners, to allow a crisper point.Turn the tube right side out and press it flat, making sure the open seam is closed inside the fold.

6.Topstitch the edges making sure to close the opening of your new scarf.

7.Wrap around your neck and stay warm all winter long.

Project 8 Drawstring Backpack

Materials Needed:
  • Fabric— 4 pieces 11 by 18 inches
  • Cording
  • Grommet kit

This project is a little more advanced with the addition of the grommet kit, but it is still a fun and easy project for kids to do.

1.Cut a three by 11-inch strip off each of the fabric pieces. Then cut another inch off of those strips to give you a three by 10-inch piece.Sew two of the strips together, one both ends and down one side.

easy sewing project for kids
2.Repeat this process with the remaining two strips. Trim the sewn corners, turn and press them flat.Fold the pressed strips in half, making sure to line up the edges.

easy sewing project for kids
3.Place the pressed strips in the center of flat pieces of fabric.

easy sewing project for kids

4.Make sure your folded edge is even on the edge of your fabric square and pin together.Machine baste the two pieces together along the top to keep them securely fastened.Put two pieces of fabric right side together and pin securely.

easy sewing project for kids
5.Sew down one side of the fabric, across the bottom (the bottom does not have your folded strips). Leave the top completely open.Place your second 2 pieces of fabric right sides together and sew them. This time you will leave a 3-inch gap on the bottom that is not closed. But sew down each side and leave the top open.Turn your fabric pieces with the folded strip right side out. Slip this piece inside the other fabric section so that you have the right sides facing each other.

easy sewing project for kids
6.Make sure the top edges match perfectly and pin them together.Using the sleeve arm of your sewing machine, sew all the way around the top edges making sure the two sections are firmly attached.Now turn the entire project right side out through the opening left in the bottom.Topstitch the section that has the opening closed and pushing the lining inside the bag. (The lining is the section that had a gap left in the bottom)

easy sewing project for kids
7.Measure 1 inch up and 1 inch over on each corner, marking with a safe fabric marker.Using the grommet kit follow the instructions and place the grommet in the holes.

8.Cut two lengths of 68-inch cording, running one length through one side of the strap at the top. Feed the second through the other side in the opposite direction.Take the ends of the cording and feed through one of the grommets and make a large knot. Repeat for the other side.

easy sewing project for kids

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